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The inscription is not mere flattery to the founders of the church. Justinian and Theodora were devout after the fashion of their day, and took a deep interest in the poor. The empress erected an asylum for fallen women, hostels for strangers, hospitals for the sick, and homes for the destitute. c On the splendid piece of tapestry embroidered in gold which formed the altar cloth of S. Sophia, she was represented with Justinian as visiting hospitals and churches.'1

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FIG. 20.
To the rear of the southern straight side of the octagon two columns stand under the gallery, with wide fillets worked on both sides of their bases, shafts, and capitals, showing that a frame of stone or wood was once affixed to them. The capitals are of the ordinary cushion type and bear on opposite faces the monograms Justinian, Basileus.
Two feet above the cornice, or twenty feet from the floor of the church, the level of the gallery is reached.2
1 C. Diehl, Theodora, pp. 242, 342.                        .-,.,
The ratio of the height of the gallery above the floof of the church to the
height of the summit of the dome is, according to Antoniadi, S. Sophia as built by Anthemius.
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